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The world we live in is often fast and furious.  The pace and intensity at which we function paired with the stress that often accompanies can have a damaging impact on your emotional and physical health.  It has become too common to find yourself in a state of burn out, or on the edge where you are constantly chasing sanity.  The key to health and happiness is balance.  Finding balance often poses a challenge for many and is unique  for everyone.  I find my balance outdoors.  Sometimes my adventures are just a short drive away, but other times, they involve exhausting flights to far away international locations. This site covers not only my adventures, but the ones I share with family and friends.  Thank you for being a part of the journey!

My Passion for the Outdoors


I have always loved the outdoors from earliest memory.  I would come home, toss the bookbag on the porch, and off I would go into the wild to find a good creek, or trail to run.  Family adventures fishing at the local pond, going offshore for mahi, and mountain trips to the state parks only fueled my love for the outdoors.    Since starting this journey, I have climbed mountains, kayaked down rivers, have had world classs hunts, fished the open blue oceans, backwater channels, mountain streams, and vast rivers of the world.  I have trekked across deserts, explored deep caves, and climbed up canyons.  My passion for the outdoors is based on a passion for living life to its fullest. 

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Every day, meet yourself where you are. My stories and tips might not be for where you are, but you can adapt them to your own adventure. What challenges you today? . 

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While I encourage you to comment directly on my blog posts, you can also contact me directly. I love to hear about the adventures that drive others to ChasinSanity. Send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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